Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thoughts on the Magical Calendar

I mentioned briefly my Magical Calendar project for 2013. While I work on it, I thought that I'd give a bit more information on this project.

As I mentioned previously, I've been highly inspired by the Calendrier Magique of 1896.  While I am inspired by the aesthetics and approach of Austin De Croze and Manuel Orazi, I will be diverging a bit in some regards.  They illustrated different facets of magical history, and in some ways I will do the same.

I will be tying together visually information culled from a variety of sources, in an attempt to create a linear  "story."  I'm stockpiling information that could well become a book, but honestly I trust my ability to create images more than my ability to write words.

2013 is the perfect year for this project, immediately following the "apocalypse" that has been the topic of much debate.  As "apocalypse" means "the lifting of the veil," I look forward to depicting a post-apocalyptic world of mystery and secret knowledge passed down through the ages.

Images will be composed of photographs that I have taken, retouched via photocollage and other mixed media approaches.  Prints will be museum quality archival inkjet reproductions, signed and numbered in very small editions.

I will be releasing information regarding each monthly image on the third Friday of each month, at which point the limited number of prints will be immediately available.  Those who have purchased prints in the series previously will have access the the purchase information one day early, in order to assist those attempting to collect the entire year's worth of images.

January's image will be entitled "Genesis," focusing on the figure Lilith.

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