Monday, November 29, 2010

busy as usual

I've been spending more time in the woods, taking photographs for the "Earth Magic" series.  Wet plate collodion is a kind of ridiculous process - you have to coat the glass plate with collodion, make it light sensitive, shoot the photograph and develop it all within around ten minutes.  So I've been lugging a bunch of gear into the wilderness and processing things in a cardboard box.  One nice thing about this is having deer surround you - at one point as many as eleven were keeping an eye on me.

I've used a lot of unconventional darkrooms before, but this is the first time that I've heard birds singing while developing images.

Long time internet friend Gea* visited last week, and we finally met in person after being in touch for at least 8 years.  She went into the woods to witness the deer herself.  I'm not sure, but she may have also taken a snapshot of me rolling around in a cardboard box on the ground, developing glass plates.

I'm still working on the "Symbiosis" series, and it's coming along very well.  A few rolls of film were shot last night.  I'm thinking that the series will be done before too long, though I know better than to assume too much.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

the things that I've been working on

*After 9 months of tests and studies, I've finally finished the first wave of images in the Symbiosis series.  Acrylic over small color prints.

*More wet plate photographs in the woods for "Earth Magic."  I've been in a lot of darkrooms over the years, but it's an entirely different experience to develop images in a cardboard box while birds sing and deer are staring at you.

*Started a new handmade book.  Not a part of the gigantic alchemical book series.  More information soon.

Also, received my copies of the Ural Umbo lp "Fog Tapes."  It's a wonderful album, and the packaging with my photography turned out very nice.  You can order the record here: