Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some praise for "Symbiosis"

Here are a few of the responses from people who've ordered their copy of my handmade book, Symbiosis. I've removed names to protect the innocent. I hope that nobody minds!

"Truly intimate and quite delicate feeling too, it really conveys your intentions! I love the glyph on the front , quite beautiful.
I'll stop though, in fear of sounding too sycophantic, however I will treasure it always!"

"Hey, just want to say the book is awesome. I love the wax seal and the cover binding."

"The images and book are so beautiful! I am so glad to have a piece of your art.
I'm taking it to Japan with me to show all my artist friends:)"

"Thank you Mr Rik Garrett for the copy of your handmade book. It's too beautiful to be in this building site I call a home, the quality of the paper is amazing and quite frankly, I'm too scared to touch it with my grubby builder's hands."

"It's beautiful, Rik! Thank you very much(...) I hope you're getting a lot of great feedback, it is deserved."

visit the Symbiosis page to find out more

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