Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Every once in a while I'm reminded how much computers destroy artwork.

I toned some prints from the "Earth Magic" series.  I always do this, as it makes them more archivally stable and enhances the blacks.  Looking back over the prints I was reminded how much is lost when artwork (even photographs) are viewed on a computer monitor. 

Sunday I was going to take more photographs for this series, but scheduling didn't work out.  I stayed at home and painted some things for the "Symbiosis" series.  Last night involved more painting.  There are currently three pieces I'm working on simultaneously.  I'm being secretive with these, but I'll post some images when I feel like the time is right.

An interesting thing happens when working on two projects at once.  When I make a lot of progress on one series, instead of being content I kick myself for not getting more done on the other.  It's a good thing though, keeping me motivated.

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