Thursday, August 26, 2010

finally using this thing

I've decided to finally start using this journal.  I realized that I've been working on multiple projects at once, and maybe I should document the process.  I'm assuming that there are some people out there who would like to follow my progress, and I wouldn't mind documenting these things for myself. 

The two main projects that I've been working on lately are "Symbiosis" and "Earth Magic."  "Symbiosis" is a mixed media color series that I've been planning for over six months now.  I've made multiple series of tests/studies while making a three page-long list worth of influences and references.  Some of these studies are on my website ( or on my Facebook page.

The other series that I've been working on is "Earth Magic," which I'm photographing with the wet plate collodion process.  Examples of this series can also be seen on the two above links.

My girlfriend Jane has been fighting strep throat.  So last night we watched a movie that was so bad that it was vastly improved by watching it again at half speed.  I would highly recommend this approach to redeeming terrible cinema.  Then I painted on some of my proof sheets while she attacked some reading homework.  She would tell me about things she was reading (regarding the history of the library system) while I painted on tiny photographs.

Today when I got home from work, more painting.  I think that this might officially constitute the fifth series of studies for Symbiosis.

This weekend I hope to get into the color darkroom to print the full 16x20 images for this series, as well as take new photographs for "Earth Magic."

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